Episode 15 - Kitty Pole Vaulting

We've been silent for a while without much explanation, so thank you to those of you still listening.  We return with an episode about out second listener submission, Emily's favorite number, and a review of a show we clearly have a good grasp on.

To be honest, I'm not sure when the next episode will be out. Editing takes a long time, and sometimes life happens, and doesn't stop happening for a few months. We'll try to release them every week, but sometimes the spoons just aren't there. Thank you again for bearing with us.

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Episode 13 - There Are Worse Mistakes

Tune in as Emily and Alex recap their top five... things(?) from 2017. The year was a dumpster fire, but we find some bright spots that we've carried forward into 2018.

This is the first episode we recorded after the podcast went live, and it's also maybe the first time we mention our Submissions page! If you have something you want us to review, please head over there and send it in. Knowing what you want us to review helps us shake things up and discover and share things we might not think of if left to our own devices.

Also, I'd thank you for your patience with our missed week, but you didn't really have a say in the matter, so I'll instead thank you for coming back even after that hiccup.

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Episode 8 - Maraschino Angel

This week, hear all about Emily and Alex's trip to California. Despite the fact that this is entirely about going to a gaming convention, this might be our least nerdy episode yet. We talk about conquering fears, very cramped cars, decent humans, and a hero bartender.

Just a heads up, we do talk about airport security in the first segment and touch on ableism and fat shaming. If you'd like to skip this content, the second segment starts at 19:15.

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